360° Video Production

Professional 360° video and panoramic image capture services using the most sophisticated techniques and technology. Our filming services cover a broad spectrum of projects ranging from large sites with multiple locations and hundreds of images, to custom single-site shoots. Our scope of experience enables us to handle any type of immersive project.

Custom “Street View” Application Development

OGO Interactive has developed multiple applications dedicated to leveraging immersive technology in specific industry verticals. Online and mobile applications are designed to produce a higher level of engagement with consumers of a targeted demographic. We create branded immersive experiences and popular social media marketing vehicles for our clients.

Post Production Services

OGO Interactive uses the latest techniques in 360° post production to create tours, videos and experiences. Through multiple data integration options, we can customize and create a dynamic user experience using all forms of immersive media. Here are a few of the services that we offer:

Immersive Tour Creation
We have developed multiple templates and formats for displaying spherical media. OGO Interactive uses numerous image re-touching, compression and tiling techniques to generate tours that give the end user the best experience possible.

Map Integration
OGO Interactive tours and images can be integrated with existing maps, aerial images and schematics to give a full range of perspective. These locations or “hotspots” provide a fully interactive experience and tour of a location.

OGO Interactive enhances immersive environments with interactive objects such as links, images, audio and video that can be placed inside the 360° world. These objects serve as highly effective tools for advertising, information and data capture.

Google Earth Integration
Media developed by OGO Interactive can be connected to locations and tours within the Google Earth environment and other geo-spatial technologies. The combination of custom 360° imagery with 3D models and tours within the environment gives a unique introduction to a location, business, or tourist destination.

Mobile And Online Distribution

We deliver hosted products that are easily embedded into any existing website in minutes. In addition, OGO Interactive has the ability to create multiple mobile experiences for viewing on mobile phones and tablet computers, such as the iPhone and iPad. If preferred, OGO Interactive can also deliver solutions on physical media such as DVD’s.